2024年4月27日 献茶式が開催🍃🍵




April 27, 2024
A tea ceremony was held at the tea ancestral hall of Rinzai-ji Temple in Shizuoka City. 🍃.

Shizuoka has three tea masters: 1) Zen Master Yousai (founder of Japanese tea), 2) Master Shouichi (founder of Shizuoka tea), and 3) Master DaiOh (founder who introduced the tea ceremony).

In memory of these three tea masters, a ceremony was held to offer tea produced in Shizuoka City, to express gratitude, and to pray for the future prosperity of the Shizuoka City tea industry.

In the middle of the photo is Zen Master Eisai, on the right is National Master Seiichi (from Tochizawa), and on the left is National Master Oo (from Imiya).

We also participated in this year’s event to make the tea industry more prosperous. ☺️

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🍃Shincha, First Flush Tea🍃

This year, the first trade took place on April 13, the earliest since the opening of the Shizuoka Tea Market.

We have also started selling new tea at our company.

We will continue to bring you fragrant and delicious “Shincha”(First Flushed Green Tea) this year for your enjoyment!

Shincha / First Flush Tea
Tomorrow is “Hachi-ju Hachi-ya” (=88th night).
It is the 88th day counting from Risshun (the 1st day of spring in Chinese calendar), and the picking and trading of this year’s tea is at its peak.
In Japan, there is a custom of sending shincha (freshly brewed tea) to the loved ones, as it is said that consuming the first tea of the season extends one’s life span by 75 days.
Praying for good luck with the new team, we would like to sharing with you the images of a tea garden in the northern part of Shizuoka City.
88夜の茶園 (3).jpg  88夜の茶園 (1).jpg
Tea Trading Auction

On April 18th, the first trading ceremony for this year’s new tea season was held for the first time in three years.

The new tea season for 2022 has started with great excitement, recording the highest price of “1,968,000 yen” per kilogram.

The new tea season will start about a month from today, with the peak tea-picking season turning around on May 2, 88th.

We are now in the peak season for purchasing sencha, and we are trying our best to bring the best quality tea to our customers.

We wish you all a long and healthy life beyond your “tea life”. May the new tea bring you good luck.